Pharmacist- (Part Time)

Job Summary:                 Compounds and dispenses medications according to orders of physician, dentists or other practitioners authorized by law to prescribe.  Supervises and checks work of supportive personnel.  Must be knowledgeable in standard pharmaceutical techniques and procedures, laws governing the practice of pharmacy, drug incompatibilities and interactions, pharmacology and toxicology.  Must be able to understand the role of the pharmacy department within Mena Regional Health System and its interrelationships with other departments, and the functions of a department head.


Reports to:                      Director of Pharmacy


Licensure:                       Licensed in the State of Arkansas as a Pharmacist.


Education:                      Must be a graduate from an accredited school of pharmacy with at least a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy.


Experience:                     Hospital pharmacy residency and/or previous experience in hospital pharmacy are essential.  Minimum three (3) years hospital experience preferred.


Critical Demands:

  • Understanding, supporting and promoting the organizational values inherent in the philosophy of Mena Regional Health System
  • Performing job duties in a manner which demonstrates the values of Mena Regional Health System and its commitment to customer service
  • Ensuring cooperation between departments to accomplish hospital objectives
  • Practice regular and punctual attendance
  • Safety Sensitive Position
  • Working with medicines
  • Working with confidential information
  • Complying with Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Practicing Regular and Punctual Attendance


Principal Duties and Responsibilities


  • Prepares, fills, compounds drugs and iv drugs or the supervision of these duties by registered pharmacy technicians under the order of physicians or other authorized personnel.
  • Interprets drug orders according to hospital policy.
  • Oversees incoming shipments of drugs and arranges for proper storage.
  • Maintains narcotic and control substance inventories and other records such as proper inventory, prescription records and quality assurance.
  • Responsible for timely drug distribution to nursing units and hospital supplied entities, cart fills, outdated drugs through technician supervision.
  • Is available to other hospital personnel and medical staff to answer questions and dispense drug information in a professional manner.
  • Maintain assigned department records and policies according to policy and procedures
  • Operating the department within regulatory agency requirements.
  • Maintaining effective open communication between Administration and all Pharmacy employees
  • Ability to communicate with and maintain good working relationship with nurses, physicians, patients, visitors, co-workers and hospital personnel while promoting a positive work environment
  • Perform any and all additional duties as assigned.