Couples Heart Saver CT Scan

Every year more than 1.4 million Americans suffer heart attacks. A half million die. That number continues to grow and it includes women as often as men.

Most individuals never see it coming. They have no symptoms. No chest pain. No numbness in the left arm…no suspicion that the “silent killer” is at work, until it’s too late.

A Heart Saver CT exam with this next generation technology can uncover heart disease in less than seven minutes and years before you have a symptom. It’s completely non-invasive. That means there are no needles, no dyes, no injections and no exercise. The test itself is 100% convenient and comfortable.

The earlier heart disease is detected, the better opportunity to modify behaviors that can contribute to the disease! Never ignore any symptom or concerns regarding your heart health.

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(The scan is not available for patients with a stent or anyone who has undergone a previous open heart surgery)

Heart Saver CT Scan $56.50 per person or $100 per couple
Must be paid in complete on day of service