We take pride in our highly trained, highly skilled Respiratory Department. We have seven outstanding and licensed therapists that provide 24/7 care. Advances in technology make it possible to help patients get well in ways that were impossible years ago. Respiratory therapists are considered the go-to experts when it comes to respiratory care technology. Their high tech knowledge isn’t just limited to the equipment they use in their jobs. They also understand how to apply high-tech devices in the care and treatment of patients, how to assess patients to ensure the treatments are working properly and how to make any changes necessary to arrive at the best outcome for the patient.

The combination of these skills—hands-on technical know-how and a solid understanding of respiratory conditions and how they are treated—is what sets respiratory therapists apart from the crowd and makes them such a crucial part of the health care team.


Equipment and procedures utilized at Mena Regional Health Systems:


  • Updraft Nebulizers
  • Arterial blood gases (Our department is solely in charge of our ABG lab and is CLIA certified, sporting no deficiencies in over 20 years)
  • Intubation
  • Weaning parameters and hourly monitoring
  • Extubation
  • Suction procedures
  • Oxygen (which includes close monitoring and adjustments as needed to maintain)
  • Ventilator support- which includes the Servo I, which is used for  adults, pediatrics and neonates. We have a Hamilton T-I, which can also provide volume or pressure ventilation.
  • Part of the Code team, having several ACLS instructions within the department, as well as PALS instructor.
  • Capability on certain days to perform EEG’s on an outpatient bases.
  • Full Pulmonary Function Lab with Pleth Box and DLCO.
  • Assist with all high-risk deliveries, which include intubation of newborns and providing positive pressure ventilation.
  • Respiratory covers every department of the hospital from ER, Nursery, Surgery, ICU, Med-Surg, Senior Behavior and Rehab. Many times, having procedures in every one of those departments on a daily basis.


For more information, contact the Respiratory Department at 479-243-2146.