Medical Records

Obtaining Your Medical Records

Our staff will be happy to assist you in obtaining copies of your medical records. If you are seeking to sign up for your online patient portal, please contact Medical Records at our phone number listed below. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, requires you to sign our release of information form, to ensure all of our information stays private. You can fax, mail or drop off your authorization to medical records. Please provide a valid copy of your photo ID and Power of Attorney/Guardianship papers if applicable.

Cost of Printing

We charge for copies of medical records if they are for personal use. The actual cost of copying records cannot be determined until a request is received and processed. The fee for copies of medical records is $.50 per page for the first 25 pages and $.25 per page thereafter. If records are retrieved from an offsite storage facility, a fee of $15 will be added for retrieval and filing fees. Radiology discs are $5. There is no charge for obtaining copies of a patient’s medical record if the records are sent to another hospital, doctor’s office or clinic.

For More Information

If you still need more information, please feel free to contact the MRHS Health Information Department at
(479) 243-2250.

Monday – Friday

8am – 4:30pm

Closed on all major holidays and the weekends

Medical Records FAQ’s

How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?

You must complete the “Authorization to release health information” form to receive a copy of your medical records. This form is available in our office or we would be glad to mail or fax a copy to you. The authorization form must be signed by the patient. If signed by other than the patient, documentation of authority to sign for the patient must be provided. Valid picture identification is required.

Can you give me my medical information over the phone?

No, we cannot. This is due to the need to protect patient confidentiality. We are not able to confirm identity over the telephone so we do not supply information over the phone. Additionally, we are not clinical personnel and cannot explain test results.

Can my spouse get my medical records?

No, only if they have a valid authorization signed by you or your legal representative, specifying that your medical records may be released to that particular individual.

How can I get the records of a deceased relative?

The next of kin of the deceased individual can authorize the release of the medical records of the deceased. A copy of the death certificate must be provided and a statement declaring that the person requesting the medical records was actively involved in the deceased patients care. All documentation will be sent for further review and approval before being released.

Who has the authority to sign for a patient?

The person authorized by law to act on behalf of the patient, such as the parent of a minor, a court-appointed guardian or a person appointed by the patient in a power of attorney document that is applicable to health care.

Can someone else pick up my medical records for me?

Yes, but only if the signed authorization form specifies that they may be released to that person. If you wish someone else to pick them up for you, list them as the receiving party.

Can I obtain medical records of my minor child?

An authorization must be completed and signed by a custodial parent or legal guardian. In the case of divorced parents, a parent may be asked to provide a copy of the custody order or an authorization signed by the custodial parent. Stepparents, without an order of the court, do not have the necessary authority to consent to the release of the minor child’s medical records.

Medical information of a minor patient relating to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, drug or alcohol abuse is considered confidential and requires the patient to sign the authorization.

How long will it take to receive my medical records?

According to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) law, MRHS has 30 days to process requests where the records are located on site and 60 days to process requests where the records are located at an off-site storage facility. Our goal is to complete requests within 2-10 days of your request. If you have an emergency need, we will try our best to accommodate the needs of our patients.

Featured Staff

Paige Self, MBA, RHIT

Medical Records Director, HIPAA Compliance Officer