Women’s Health

At Mena Regional Health System, we prioritize expectant mothers and their needs during the critical stages of labor, delivery, and recovery. Our team of skilled professionals has assisted in delivering numerous healthy babies, establishing us as a reliable and trusted choice for mothers-to-be. We take immense pride in our history of providing excellent care to mothers and infants within our community.

Labor and Delivery

Our team’s primary objective is to make the birth experience as comfortable and safe as possible for both mother and child. We understand that each birth is unique, which is why we accommodate a variety of birth plan options to suit your preferences. Our family-friendly atmosphere and modern large LDRP rooms enable mothers to labor, deliver, and recover in the same space.

We take the safety and security of newborns seriously. Our unit is equipped with a modern security system to ensure your newborn’s safety. Our pediatricians and nursing staff are all NPR and Stable certified.

Trust us to be your knowledgeable and empathetic partner as you welcome new life into the world. Choose Mena Regional Health System for exceptional birthing services close to home.

Childbirth Classes

Mena Regional Health System is offering free childbirth classes that include a chance to connect with the care team and ask any questions you may have. Classes are held once a month. Contact Women’s Services for more information on this opportunity at (479) 243-2438, or watch our social media feed for more information on scheduled classes.

Gynecological Care
Mena Regional Health System’s Women’s Health Unit specializes in post-operative care for multiple gynecological surgeries. You can rest at ease knowing the skilled care team is well suited for care for your specific needs following surgery. Surgery services available include hysterectomies and A & P repairs.

Featured Staff

Amber Williams, RN

Director of Women’s Services