Emergency Department

In the Mena Regional Health System Emergency Department, swift response and efficient triage are crucial to address diverse medical concerns, ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening conditions. Highly skilled healthcare professionals collaborate to provide timely care and stabilize patients in a fast-paced environment.

Whatever medical emergency life may throw your way.

Our 24/7 emergency department is a Level 4 Trauma Center and is staffed with highly-trained specialists who will care for you through whatever medical emergencies you or your loved ones may experience.

At our facility, patients are treated based on the severity of their condition. However, we ensure that every patient receives a comprehensive and timely examination.

Our Emergency Room Features:

11 patient rooms

2 trauma bays

AR Saves Program, linking with UAMS to best care for stroke victims

Burn & hand trauma evaluations through UAMS

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner on call 24/7

Continued commitment to keep wait times to a minimum

Featured Staff

Faith Boyd, RN, BSN

ER Clinical Director • Trauma Director • Stroke Coordinator