Med-Surg Unit

Welcome to the Medical Surgical Unit at Mena Regional Health System where our dedicated team of health professional is committed to delivery top-notch care. With a focus on excellence and compassion, we strive to ensure a comfortable and healing experience for all out patients. Your well-being is our priority, and our expert team is here to provide exceptional medical care throughout your stat at MRHS.

Medical Stabilization

Mena Regional Health System’s Medical Stabilization Program targets alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates, and illicit drug dependencies. It employs interventions for active withdrawal management, focusing on individualized care and fostering a supportive environment. The program integrates medical expertise to ensure a comprehensive approach to recovery.

If you are in need of our medical stabilization services, please contact Amber Ralls, RN at (479) 243-2189.

Outpatient Infusion Clinic

Med-Surg also provides an Outpatient Infusion Clinic that allows us to provide medically necessary injections and infusions, along with port flushes and blood transfusions.

If you are in need of care through our Outpatient Infusion Clinic please call (479) 234-4289 or have your physician’s office fax your orders to (877) 249-1191.

Experience exceptional care at our Med-Surg Unit, where we provide comprehensive services to a diverse range of patients and illnesses including:




Post Operative Patients

Chest Pain

Electrolyte Imbalances

Featured Staff

Toni Surber, RN

Med-Surg and ICU Clinical Director