Intensive Care Unit

Mena Regional Health Systems’ Intensive Care Unit provides round-the-clock care for patients with serious injuries and illnesses. The unit is staffed with specialty trained medical professionals who are always available to provide the necessary care and support needed by patients with special needs.

Necessary Care and Attention

Patients in the ICU are often connected to machines that measure various body functions such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. Although it may be unsettling to see a loved one hooked up to these devices, they help hospital staff monitor the patient’s condition and respond promptly if necessary. Every precaution is taken to ensure those in our care receive the attention and treatment they need.

Best Care Possible

You can trust that your loved one receiving the best care possible at Mena Regional Health System. The Intensive Care Unit at MRHS offers advanced critical care with life sustaining equipment and a dedicated team of health care professionals.

Our Intensive Care Unit at Mena Regional Health System is a 6 bed ICU in which we provide care for a wide variety of patients and illnesses such as:


Severe Respiratory Conditions


Post Operative Patients

Chest Pain

Electrolyte Imbalances


Advance Directives

Assigning advance directives can be beneficial if you or a loved one may require intensive care. A patient in intensive care may not be capable of answering the care team’s questions, so in these instances nurses and doctor’s will refer to a patient’s advance directive or consult a trusted individual designated by the patient. If no advanced directives are noted, the care team may speak with the closest family members or make a medical decision based on their best judgment.

Creating advance directives does not necessarily require a lawyer. You can write down your instructions and show them to hospital staff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Featured Staff

Toni Surber, RN

Med-Surg and ICU Clinical Director