Swing Bed

Mena Regional Health System Swing Bed Program is a unique “step-down” service designed to provide a type of intermediate care to patients who are no longer in the acute phase of their illness, but have not returned to an adequate level of self-care.  In large part due to Medicare reimbursement, many hospitals discharge patients as soon as they are no longer acutely ill.  Discharged patients would either have to return to home care entirely too soon or be transported to a sub-acute facility many miles from their homes.  The “swing bed program” fills this void for discharged patients who still need medical care.

Criteria for Admission:


  • Patient must be a Medicare or other authorizing commercial insurance participant
  • Patient must have a prior qualifying hospital stay of three nights in acute care
  • Patient must be past the acute care phase
  • Patient must require a minimum of two forms of skilled therapy
  • Physical, Speech and/or Occupational Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Wound Care Therapy
  • Intravenous Treatment

As defined by federal regulations, a swing bed hospital is a hospital or critical access hospital participating in Medicare that has approval to provide post-hospital extended care.  The skilled nursing staff at Mena Regional Health System will provide an individualized recovery plan specific to each patient.

For referrals or more information concerning the MRHS Swing Bed Program contact:


Amy Phelps, Quality Improvement Director: 479- 243-2299

Sara Hale, Clinical Documentation Specialist: 479-243-2151