Heart Savers CT

Patients can now take a painless but powerful new test to determine their risk for heart attack, thanks to the State of the Art Heart Savers CT Scan available at Mena Regional Health System.

Every year more than 1.5 million Americans suffer heart attacks.  A half million die.  A Heart Saver CT exam with this next generation technology can uncover heart disease in less than seven minutes and years before you have a symptom.  It’s completely non-invasive.  The test itself is 100% convenient and comfortable.

Calcium is a component of arterial plaque, which can build up in the blood vessels and cause a heart attack.  The test gives the patient a “calcium score” which can help to identify patients at risk for a heart attack.  The test is $56.50 at date of service.

For more information, call the radiology department at Mena Regional Health System at 479-243-2214.