Radiology Tech-(Full Time)

Job Summary: At the direction and control of the Director of Radiology the radiographer will provide technical skills in radiology and fluoroscopy.

Reports to: Director of Radiology

Education: Degree from an AMH approved school of Radiologic Technology. Licensed in the State of Arkansas as LRT.  RT(R) ARRT registered.

Experience: Five (5) years’ hospital experience preferred

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Ability to perform advanced level CT, RT(R)(CT) or willing to train
  • Cleans work area and equipment
  • Transports and transfers patients
  • Veinipuncture to administer oral and IV contrast media
  • Schedule and prepare patients, giving prep instructions
  • Produce radiographs to meet department standards
  • Works within multi-disciplines in the Radiology Department
  • May perform EKGs
  • Maintains strict confidentiality as required by HIPAA
  • Responsible for equipment maintenance, and record keeping as required by regulatory entitles
  • Maintains standards required by regulatory entities
  • Participates in overall quality assurance for the Department
  • Actively participate in all special events
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • May be required to work evenings, nights, and/or weekends on a regular or as needed basis.
  • Acts to advance the principle objective of the profession to provide services to humanity with full respect for the dignity of mankind.
  • Delivers patient care and service unrestricted by the concerns of personal attributes or the nature of the disease or illness, and without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, or socioeconomic status.
  • Practices radiologic technology founded on the theoretical knowledge and concepts, uses equipment and accessories consistent with the purposes for which they were designed, and employs procedures and techniques appropriately.
  • Assesses situations; exercises care, discretion, and judgment; assumes responsibility for professional decisions; and acts in the best interest of the patient.
  • Acts as an agent through observation and communication to obtain pertinent information for the physician to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient and recognizes that interpretation, diagnosis, ordering and prescribing radiologic examinations are outside the scope of practice for licensees.
  • Respects confidences entrusted in the course of professional practice, respects the patient’s right to privacy and reveals confidential information only as required by law or to protect the welfare of the individual or the community.
  • Continually strives to improve knowledge and skills by participating in continuing education and professional activities, and sharing knowledge with colleagues.